Building Technology for Economic Development

Focusing on Growth

The vast majority of effort in tech is spent trying to solve the problems of the wealthiest segments of society.
CERP Labs focuses on addressing issues that impede economic growth in developing countries.
We help companies and researchers addressing these issues build quality technology.

Problem Solving in Motion

Design Build Test Repeat
CERP Labs partners with clients to work in an agile, iterative way on system design and delivery
This deep integration with our partners enables the user-driven design necessary for building an effective system.
Labs is set up to co-evolve the technology with the understanding of the problem-space. This is a fundamentally different approach from other software houses - and it's because impact is part of our bottom line.

Our Capabilities

We have built a framework which enables every project we work on to have an advanced set of core features, all of which are critical for development work.
Our framework enables us to build offline-first apps, and automatically syncs changes when online with a minimal data footprint.
Audit Trails are built-in: we can offer full visibility into which users made which changes, and roll back anything undesired.
Our systems are fully portable. They can take full advantage of the cloud, or can be run on-premise if regulations demand.
Efficient Scalable Flexible

Our Work

Labs partnered with the CERP Education Program to design, build and distribute a low-cost digital school management system.
By digitizing school registers, we enable school owners to view analytics, reduce teacher workload and improve communication with parents.
Again working with the Education Program, Labs helped design and build a marketplace connecting schools in Pakistan with Education Service Suppliers.
To address various levels of comfort with technology, Labs designed and built a comprehensive system which connected phone systems with several applications.

Our Team

Maroof Syed
President & CEO, CERP
Maroof Syed is the President & CEO of the Centre for Economic Research in Pakistan (CERP) and a Senior Fellow and Advisor at Harvard’s Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD). He has over 20 years of entrepreneurship, investment and leadership experience in multiple sectors. He combines academic work in public policy, economics, and engineering with extensive experience in leading organisations and building institutions.
Taimur Shah
Head, CERP Labs
Taimur was previously a software architect at IBM Watson before moving to Lahore from New York City and starting CERP Labs. He has an intense interest in exploring the intersection of technology and economic development and creating systems that can have a sustained, positive impact over time. Prior to working at IBM, he had started and sold his first company, Clossit, to Parrable in the retail and advertising recommendations space. Taimur studied machine learning and economics at Columbia University.
Ali Ahmad
Senior Developer
Ali is a full-stack developer with a passion for writing code. As a software engineering student at the University of the Punjab, he closely followed trends in software development online and taught himself new technologies such as React and React Native. You will never find him without a few side projects in development.
Mudassar Ali
Mudassar is a graduate of the Punjab University College of Information Technology, where he majored in Computer Science. He is a full-stack developer with a keen interest in design and user experience. Mudassar is an avid participant in several local and international open source projects on GitHub. He is always up to date on the latest Typescript and VSCode updates and releases.